Cheap and Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer
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Cheap and Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

Does it seem that you can not cool your home down no matter how hard you try in the summer time? Does it seem like you have tried everything only to still be sweating in your own house? Well here are some ways to keep your home nice and cold during the summer.

Change Filters- Cooling systems with dirty filters are more likely to not produce as cool of air or will malfunction. So make sure you change your filter every month. If you have a lot of pets that shed like cats or some long haired dogs then you may want to change it more often than that.

Attics- If you have an attic then you want to make sure that they are properly insulated or you could be loosing a lot of cool air. It also lets tons of hot air in.

Ceiling fans- A lot of people do not use their ceiling fans because they do not think they cool down the house much but you would be surprised at how much it cools down your house. When you use these you will find yourself not having to use your air conditioning system as much because a ceiling fan helps to scatter the cold air around the room. They keep the room up to ten degrees cooler. One tip is to make the fan go into a counter clockwise direction to push all the cool air down.

Garage doors- Make sure that you seal your garage door up when you are not going in or out of your home. This brings a lot of the hot air into the home. It may even be smart to park the car out of the garage as much as you can.

Drapes and Blinds- When you keep the blinds and drapes clothes they reflect the suns rays away from the house. Just make sure you close the blinds with them facing the sun This keeps the cool air in and keeps the hot air out.

Turn off appliances- Inside appliances like computers, radios, and televisions put out heat when they are working so if you keep them on when you are not using them then that is more heat then needed. If you just turn them off when you are not using them that will cut down on the heat in the house.

Lights- Regular non florescent light bulbs give out a lot of heat as well. So another tip you can use is to replace your regular light bulbs with florescent light bulbs.

Stoves- Stoves put out a lot of heat so you shouldn’t use them on hot days. Instead go out to eat or grill out.. If you have to use your fan then make sure you use the range fan located on top of the stove.

Humidity- Humidity can make the air feel thicker and hotter than it really is so cut down on anything that causes humidity. Try not to wash clothes or take showers till it is at the beginning or the end of the day.

Trees- If you plant a lot of trees or plants around your home they will shade your house from the sun while also providing your house with a lot of fresh air.

Working correctly?- Always make sure your equipment is working properly. A cooling system that is not working correctly will not work as well as one that is working correctly.

Apart from the few discussed ways, there might be many more ways to keep your home cool. One need to keenly observe various utilities as well as appliances in their working, bed, dining, sitting and guest rooms’ surroundings and take due care to reduce the heat emission to keep the home cooler.

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